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Catering FAQ

How do I get started planning my event?

First you have to find a Venue that allow outside caters into their facility.  Second you must select a date that you and your fiancé agree upon then you will need to contact Kim Son to see if we can cater on that day.  In order to keep our quality of Food & Service, Kim Son can ONLY do TWO (mid-side: 350 and less) outside catering jobs per day.  Once both the Venue & Kim Son available, you will need to make a deposit for both facilities. Now – you are GUARANTEED to have the Venue as your facility and Kim Son as your caterer.

How far in advance should I book my event?

As for corporate catering, you can book Kim Son as short as ONE week before the event date.  For BIG wedding reception, we do suggest that you need to book THREE months in advance.

Do you cater wedding receptions?  How far is Kim Son willing to travel for outside catering?

Yes, Kim Son does cater wedding receptions.  In the past, Kim Son have traveled to New Orleans, Dallas, Oklahoma, Austin, San Antonio, Beaumont, Port Arthur and many places in between.

What Type of Services can Kim Son do for an outside catering job?

Kim Son is able to have different type of services per customer request.

            A1.  Pick Up @ the restaurant, Deliver & Drop- Off

            A2.  Buffet Style Service

            A3.  Family Style Service – Food to be place on Lazy Susan

            A4.  Plated Service – Food to be served course by course

Does Kim Son cook on site for a wedding reception?

Yes, for all wedding reception, Kim Son will cook on site.  We have our own mobile kitchen set-up. All food are prepare similar to that at the restaurant.

Do you cater alcoholic beverages?

Yes, Kim Son does have alcoholic beverages catering license for the state of Texas.

What about catering staff?  How many Kim Son staffers do I need for my event? 

If the venue that you rent does not have service staffs, Kim Son will provide the service staff.  The number of staff s you need for an event is depend on the number of guests and the type of services that you choose.

What are the additional charges for outside catering?

The Service Charge for outside catering is listed as follow:

            A1.  Delivery & Drop-Off  = 10%

            A2.  Buffet Style = 18%

            A3.  Family Style Service = 20%

Is there a minimum cost or minimum guest count?

Yes, the minimum guest count that Kim Son would a full on-site cooking is 75 guests.

Can Kim Son help me find Vendors for my event? (Examples:  Florist, DJ or Band, Decorators, Photographers, Videographers)

Yes, Kim Son have many prefer vendors that we are working with on a weekly basis. You can find the     list from: www.kimsonbanquet.com/services.

Can Kim Son help me find Tent, Tables, and Chairs or patio heaters?

Yes, we can help you coordinate with rental companies on your behalf.

What is the price range for using china (rentals) instead of disposables?

Kim Son is able to provide china, glassware, silverware for $7.00 per person.

What if I don’t need a buffet setup or service staff?  Can I just pick up food from your kitchen, or have it dropped off?

Yes, you may pick up the food at the restaurant.  You may also have us deliver and drop off at your facility for minimal deliver fee of 10%.

What are the payment terms?

Payments for outside catering is as follow:

1. 1st Deposit to hold the catering date = $2000.00

2. 2nd Deposit is due when estimated proposal prepared based on your estimated guaranteed number and menu selections.  Once a proposal is approved by our guest, a SECOND deposit or payment is due – the payment is 50% of Estimated Invoice.  The SECOND payment MUST be paid 30 days prior to the event date.

3. The FINAL invoice will be given to our guests at the end of the event based on FINAL guest counts and additional charges.  This Final payment is due at the end of the event.

What is your cancellation policy?

All deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE 7 Days after the contract is signed.  We can MOVED your deposit to another date if guest decided to continue their event with Kim Son within 6 months.

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